Services Provided
As part of Crain Law Center, LLC, the members of this unique law team provide a full range of legal services. Also experienced in handling matters of general litigation, many services are provided. These include but are not limited to the following:
Representation of:
- Medical Professionals
- Real Estate Agents
Other Legal Areas:
- Personal Injury
- Worker's Compensation
- Entertainment Law
- Civil Rights
- Employmen Law

Some of Larry Crain's Unique Service Specialty Areas Include:
- Legal Representation for teachers and administrators
- Counsel for non-profit organizations
- Counsel on religious liberty issues
- Constitutional Litigation
- Civil Rights Litigation
- General Civil Litigation
Larry Crain's Legal Services

By providing an upfront free consultation to all clients, Mr. Crain strives to show value to his clients first. Only after this consultation are details of timeline and recommendations on actions to take given.

Why do businesses and individuals like you choose
Larry Crain for their legal representation?

There may come a time in your life when you will need to call on someone you trust. Larry Crain is a trusted name in the Nashville legal community that can handle whatever your legal matter may be.

Let Larry prove to you today the service and exceptional preparation that lead to a satisfied client, whose problems have been handled professionally, efficiently, and ethically.

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