The Tennessean
March 12, 1995

Religious Rights Defended
Lawyer Urges Tolerance,Lliberty
By RAY WADDLE - Religion News Editor

Larry Crain speaks softly for a man waging a spiritual battle for America. By his calm demeanor and Christian bearing, it's hard to guess he is one of the country's leading courtroom defenders of religious people's rights in school, neighborhood and workplace.

"Gentleness is perceived as weakness in court," Crain said gently during aninterview earlier this month.

"Nice doesn't get you anywhere. I'm confrontational when I have to be."
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The New York Times
December 14, 1993

Jury Finds Town Violated Rights of Orthodox Jews
By JACQUES STEINBERG - Special to the New York Times

A Federal jury found today that a Rockland County village had violated the Constitution -al and fair housing rights of a group of Orthodox Jews by opposing the group's efforts to build a small synagogue within a private home.

The verdict came in a civil suit that four Orthodox Jews and their neighborhood synagogue had filed against the village of Airmont, a municipality of about 8,000 that was incorporated within the town of Ramapo tow and a half years ago.

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The National Law Journal

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. . . accused of being rude or ignorant of the law.

All of the 60 spectator seats in the vaulted, paneled chamber were filled Thursday morning for the arguments. Renfer, surrounded by friends, took notes on a legal pad or chewed th end of her pen while she listened to the arguments. She referred all questions to her lawyers, [Larry] Crain and John Stepanovich.

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